Playlist 4/16

Welcome to another edition of Broken Sound, your #1 stop for pop punk in Orange County! I have a great show in store for you guys today! This afternoon’s show includes an awesome mix of songs by some of my favorite pop punk artists including; Set Your Goals, The Swellers, Title Fight, Turnover, Major League, State Champs, Ivy League, and many more! I will also be playing some pretty sick stuff on my hardcore block later on in the show, so definitely stay tuned for that! If you have a request, or you just want to say Hi, feel free to call in to the station’s request line at (949) 824-5824. If you’re not by your radio, just log onto to and click on the “listen now” button to hear the show! Ok, lets do this!

Block 1:

1. Cowabunga! - Hold Your Tongue - Summer - EP

2. City Lights - Where You’ve Been – In It To Win It

3. Second To Last - Better Days – Mark Approved – EP 

4. Major League - The Truth Is - The Truth Is – EP

5. Midura - Bet It’s Great - If Not Okay – EP* 

Block 2:

6. Rust Belt Light - The Comeback – Long Gone – EP

7. Set Your Goals - This Song Is Definitely NOT About A Girl – Mutiny!

8. State Champs – Prepare To Be Noticed – The Finer Things


9. The Swellers – Parkview – Good For Me


10. Such Gold – Gut Rot – Pedestals - EP

Block 3 (Hardcore):

11. Sick Of It All – We Stand Alone - Just Look Around

12. Shelter – Civilized Man - Mantra

13. Bane – Can We Start Again - It All Comes Down to This 

14. Take Offense – T.O. Zone - Under The Same Shadow – EP 

15. Expire – Abyss - Pendulum Swings


Block 4:

16. Title Fight - Head In The Ceiling Fan – Floral Green


17. Turnover – Hollow – Magnolia

18. Ivy League – Jaded - Ivy League - EP

19. Balance and Composure – Rope – Split – EP 


Block 5:

20. Embrace – Can’t Forgive - Embrace

21. Dinosaur Jr. – The Post - Bug

22. Jawbreaker – Big - Bivouac

image23. Superchunk – Saving My Ticket – Foolish

Block 6:

24. Post Season - To Infinity & Beyond – Remember


25. Random Holiday – Heart Grows Colder – Space To Grow

26. Dear You - I’ve Been Hearing Voices - Faith, Fear, and Hope- EP


27. Allison Weiss – Wait For Me - Say What You Mean

* =New Release (Within 3 Months)

+ = Request

Thank you for listening to Broken Sound! Tune in next week at the same time and the same place to hear some more awesome pop punk jams! Please recommend my show to your friends! Any support will be greatly appreciated. Check back to the website during the week for more Pop Punk news and music! If you have any requests, suggestions, or comments for the show, please click on the “contact” section of the website and send me a message! You can also email me at Thanks again for listening


Seems pretty accurate. I might have bumped Knuckle Puck up a few spots.