Playlist 9/17

Welcome to another edition of Broken Sound, your #1 stop for pop punk in Orange County! I have a great show in store for you guys today! This afternoon’s show includes an awesome mix of songs by some of my favorite pop punk artists including; Motion City Soundtrack, Handguns, Neck Deep, Basement, This Time Next Year, Title Fight, and many more! On top of that, I will also be playing some pretty cool ’80s punk rock stuff later on in the show, so definitely stay tuned for that! If you have a request you’d like to make for today’s show, or if you just want to say Hi, feel free to call in to the station’s request line at (949) 824-5824. If you want to listen to the show and your not by your radio, just log onto to and click on the “listen now” button on the front page of the website and you should be good to go! Ok, lets jam!

Block 1:

1. City Lights – See You At The Top - The Way Things Should Be

2. Knuckle Puck – Dead Wrong - Don’t Come Home – EP

3. Major League – Landslide - Hard Feelings


4. Gnarwolves - Hate Me (Don’t Stand Still) – Gnarwolves*

5. Handguns - New Year’s Resolution - Life Lessons*

6. Title Fight - Introvert - The Last Thing You Forget+

Block 2:

7. Skyway – Intro - Take These Days - EP

8. Roam – Foresight - Head Down – EP

( **Free Download

9. Neck Deep – Mileage – Wishful Thinking 


10. Count Your Blessings – I’ll Drive - Yeeaahh Right - EP

11. With The Punches - Stick and Move - Keep It Goin’ - EP

Block 3 (Hardcore):

12. Bitter End – Victims - Guilty As Charged

13. Expire – YDN - Pendulum Swings


14. Take Offense - When Death Comes Near - United States Of Mind

15. Trapped Under Ice – Disconnect - Big Kiss Goodnight

16. Backtrack – Red Handed - Darker Half

Block 4:

17. Touché Amoré - And Now It’s Happening In Mine - …To the Beat of a Dead Horse


18. Make Do And Mend - Transparent Seas - End Measured Mile 

19. Superheaven - Hole In The Ground – Jar

20. Basement – Wish - Colourmeinkindness

Block 5:

21. Motion City Soundtrack - A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help) – My Dinosaur Life


22. This Time Next Year – Spoontonic - Drop Out of Life

23. Rust Belt Lights - Clarissa Doesn’t Explain It All - S/T – EP 

24. I Call Fives - Running in Circles - First Things First – EP 

Block 6 (Classic pt. 1):

25. Black Flag – Jealous Again - Jealous Again – EP

26. Dead Kennedys - When Ya Get Drafted - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables 


27. Circle Jerks – Red Tape - Group Sex

28. X – Nausea – Los Angeles

29. Minutemen - The Anchor - What Makes A Man Start Fires?

30. The Descendents – Clean Sheets – All 

Block 7:

31. Pianos Become the Teeth – Hiding – Split – EP


32. Title Fight – Sympathy – Floral Green 

33. Tiny Moving Parts - Clouds Above My Head - This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship

34. Rookie Town - Dandelion Courage - Rooted Feral – EP*

( **Free Download

Block 8 (Classic pt. 2):

35. Lagwagon – Black Eye – Hoss 

36. No Use For A Name – Couch Boy – Leche Con Carne 


37. Hot Water Music - Position – Forever And Counting

38. Strung Out – Deville – Twisted By Design 

Block 9:

39. Shelter - Better Way - Attaining The Supreme 

40. H2O – A+ – Thicker Than Water


41. Bodyjar – Remote Controller - No Touch Red 

42. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - I Only Want To Be With You - Blow In The Wind 


43. Rufio - Don’t Hate Me – Rufio - EP

* = New Release (Within 3 Months)

+ = Request

Thank you for listening to Broken Sound! Tune in next week at the same time and the same place to hear some more music from your favorite pop punk & hardcore artists! Please recommend my show to your friends! Any support will be greatly appreciated. Check back to the website during the week to receive more Pop Punk news and updates! If you have any requests, suggestions, or comments for the show, please click on the “contact” section of the website and send me a message! You can also email me at Thank you again for listening and I’ll catch you next time


Song of the Day (Day #52)

This isn’t just music, it’s so much more.

Song: True Til Death

Artist: Chain Of Strength

Album: True Til Death - EP

Year Released: 1988


You said it shouldnt be taken too seriously
You said it was just your
Personal ideas and opinions
You said it was only meant to relate
Directly to your life
What about my life?

Has the edge gone dull?

Well maybe now that you’ve grown
Dull and old
We’ll pick up where you left off
To you it was just music
But to us it was so much more
When we put our heads together
Well prove weve got the edge
That can never dull

True till death

Has the edge gone dull?