Song of the Day (Day # 49)


Song: Freightliner

Artist: Hot Water Music

Album: Fuel For The Hate Game

Year Released: 1997


Driving all night and
Now your finally back again
Tell me where you’ve been
Southbound gotta get back home
You’re in town a couple days
Lets get on our way
Gonna raise some hell

Arm and arm
We’ll break the takedown
We’ll break the takedown
Gonna fill myself
With all my friends
Cause these are our nights
To run through this again

Drinking all night and
Now it’s time to wind down
Talk about what we found
You only got until Friday
To make it to Washington state
Tomorrow morning you’ll gone
But we’ll be here
We’ll be waiting
I can’t wait
I keep waiting
For the next embrace
Just like the last one
Walks and talks of friendship
That’s neverending
Stories of his trade

Arm and arm we’ll break
We’ll break the takedown
Like we did in those days
Keep us rolling
He’s never really leaving
He’s just rolling
When we watch him drive away

Playlist 7/16

Welcome to another edition of Broken Sound, your #1 stop for pop punk in Orange County! I have a great show in store for you guys today! This afternoon’s show includes an awesome mix of songs by some of my favorite pop punk artists including; Set Your Goals, Motion City Soundtrack, The Wonder Years, Handguns, This Time Next Year, Stickup Kid, Basement, Title Fight, Light Years, and many more! I will also be playing some pretty cool music on my hardcore block and my ’80s punk block, so definitely stay tuned for that! If you have a request you’d like to make, or if you just want to say Hi, feel free to call in to the station’s request line at (949) 824-5824. If you want to listen to the show and your not by your radio, just log onto to and click on the “listen now” button on the front page of the website and you should be good to go! Ok, lets get this thing started!

Block 1:

1. For The Win – Ruckus - More Than You Know*

2. Second To Last – Radiation - Changing Tides – EP


3. Man Overboard - White Lies - Heart Attack

4. Basement – Yoke - I Wish I Could Stay Here


5. Trophy Eyes – Fortunate - Everything Goes Away – EP 


Block 2:

6. Last In Line – Homecoming - Last In Line 


7. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Between Your Lines - Pardon My French 

8. Take Steady Aim - Damn The Man, Save The Empire!!! - Damn The Man, Save The Empire!!! – Single 

( **Free Download

9. Cut Your Losses - Wounded – Unify – EP 



Block 3 (Hardcore):

10. Touché Amoré - Wants / Needs - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Meimage

11. La Dispute – King Park – Wildlife

12. Being As An Ocean - We Drag The Dead On Leashes - How We Both Wondrously Perish*

13. Goodtime Boys – Washout – Rain* 

Block 4:

14. Dad Punchers – Backstock – Dad Punchers

15. The Wonder Years - Don’t Let Me Cave In - Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing

16. You Blew It! - Award of the Year Award - Keep Doing What You’re Doing  


17. Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright - Commit This to Memory

Block 5:

18. I Call Fives - Late Nights - I Call Fives

19. At The Edge - Looking Forward - I Know I’ll Be Okay – EP 


20. Set Your Goals - This Very Moment - Mutiny! 

21. This Time Next Year - Liquid Diet - Road Maps And Heart Attacks

22. Handguns - The Loved Ones Who Hate Us – Life Lessons* 


**Check out the music video for Handguns’ new single “The Loved Ones Who Hate Us" of their new album “Life Lessons,” which was just released on July 8th courtesy of Pure Noise Records.


Block 6 (Classic pt. 1):

23. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum – Bad Brains

24. Minor Threat – Guilty of Being White – In My Eyes – EP

25. Hüsker Dü - In A Free Land - Everything Falls Apart


26. Dag Nasty - What Now? - Can I Say?

27. Gorilla Biscuits – Competition – Start Today

28. Fugazi - Waiting Room – 13 Songs

Block 7 (Local Bands):

29. Go For Gold - State Lines - The Cold Summer – EP*


**Check out Go For Gold’s new single “State Lines” off of their soon to be released EP “The Cold Summer.”


30. Shipwrecks – Town (Feat. Collin Marchese) - What It Takes – EP 

( **Free Download

31. The Long Run – Three Weeks – Trials – EP* 


32. Seasons Change – Save It - Nothing & Everything – EP


Block 8 (Classic pt. 2):

33. Sick Of It All – Just Look Around - Just Look Around

34. No Use For A Name - Permanent Rust - The Daily Grind - EP

35. H2O – This Time - Thicker Than Water

36. NOFX - Bottles To The Ground - Pump Up The Valuum 


37. Millencolin – Olympic - Life On A Plate

Block 9:

38. Stickup Kid - You Are Captain Hook - Nothing About Me – EP

39. Title Fight – Secret Society – Floral Green


40. Light Years – Fall Apart - Temporary – EP* 


41. Polar Bear Club – Our Ballads - Sometimes Things Just Disappear


42. The Lawrence Arms - The First Eviction Notice - Apathy And Exhaustion

* = New Release (Within 3 Months)

+ = Request

Thank you for listening to Broken Sound! Tune in next week at the same time and the same place to hear some more music from your favorite pop punk & hardcore artists! Please recommend my show to your friends! Any support will be greatly appreciated. Check back to the website during the week to receive more Pop Punk news and updates! If you have any requests, suggestions, or comments for the show, please click on the “contact” section of the website and send me a message! You can also email me at Thank you again for listening and I’ll catch you next time! 


Hey Everyone,

Due to the combination of being behind with my school work & coming down with a pretty nasty stomach virus, I will not be hosting my show tomorrow. My friend James (A.K.A. DJ See) will be hosting the show instead. Tune in from 1:00pm to 4:00pm to catch the show! I will be back next Wednesday (July 16th) with some more of your guy’s favorite Pop Punk jams! Thanks!